5 Star Wars Wandtattoos that belong in each room

Star Wars Wandtattoo
Star Wars wall decals

Star Wars Wandtattoos that belong in each room.

They come in every size and color. With flower pattern, Coffee Cup, Pasta, or whatever, but these 5 Star Wars Wandtattoos belong in each child's room.

Motif Star Wars Darth Vader

Also in this collection cannot be missed the famous Darth Vader. The bad guy has never been so popular in a film.. The motif of Darth Vader is just not boring.

Star Wars Wandtattoo Darth Vader
Star Wars wall decals Darth Vader

Star Wars YODA

Where the bad guy is, is the good not far away. Also Yoda, the little green guy, as wall decals collection should not be missed in this.

Star Wars Wandtattoo Yoda
Star Wars wall decals Yoda

Star Wars / Clone Wars – Heroes -

Who is more on the comic series he should resort to these wall decals. The heroes from the popular TV series of Star Wars the Clone Wars in size 33 x 40 cm.

Star Wars Wandtattoo Heros
Star Wars of wall decals heros

Much to learn you still have

How could you animate better someone to learn than with this wall tattoo in the Star Wars look. This wall sticker makes dorm room to a nerd cave.

Star Wars Wandtattoo Lernen
Star Wars wall decals learning

Star Wars Episode VII

This new wall decals come with the new movie. Not all the stars of the film are represented but along with Rey and Kylo Ren is also BB-8 ;)

Star Wars Wandtattoo Episode 7
Star Wars wall decals episode 7

Do you like our wall decals or do you miss one, then write us in the comments.

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